You Asked For More Granola and Now It's Here!

As you may have heard, we temporarily sold out of Granola, a local lit mag based out of GR.  Thank you for helping us make this publication a success in our store.  For those of you who have come in requesting it, it is BACK!!  We have re-stocked and you can get yours today!! 

If you are new to Granola, it is a magazine of short fiction, comics, poetry, even a page of adult coloring.  It only runs $5 an issue and it features two stories by yours truly ("Mother's Day" and "The Ugly Us").  Editor and contributing illustrator, Victor Fitzsimons has done animation for They Might Be Giants and is a tremendous asset to the art scene here in West Michigan.  He is also a super nice and very humble guy.  Get acquainted with some fresh new work and keep your local even more local by supporting this awesome mag. 

This is an inexpensive way to find new writers and artists and to deepen your connection to our community.  I'm grateful to everyone who has expressed interest in the publication and who has taken the time to read my work, both in Granola and in other lit mags.  It is a pleasure to share my passion with you and to share the excellent work being done by others as well. 


Sarah Sorensen