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WICKED HARVEST: Michigan Monsters & Macabre - Illustrator Signed Edition

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As the ominous air jolts the autumn leaves from their branches and urges their delicate tints of dusky orange, dim yellow and dark reds to the ground. The skies over Michigan are dark and overcast as fog envelops the somber forests and depleted corn fields. Pumpkin patches are at full capacity and cider mills are working overtime growing the ghoulish gourds and crafting the sweet treats. Sweatshirts and flannel attire adorn much of the nation as they clasp warm cups of coffee and hot cocoa. The atmosphere is captivating and stimulates those of us with the desire and appetite of fright and a tinge of terror. It is the favored season of fall and the desired celebration of Halloween…it is the time of the second season of the Wicked Harvest.

This time around we have 10 more chilling tales of a 200 year old house that is rumored to be haunted. A grandfather reveals a deep scary secret that may drive his grandson to do something shocking. An institutionalized man confesses to a long past Halloween incident. German WWII POWs escape into the U.P. wilderness encountering the legendary Dogman of Michigan. And these are just a few of the spectacular spooks you will experience this time around.
So grab a snack and your favorite cozy blanket and get ready for some unique Michigan based stories that will hopefully make your skin crawl, make you look behind you and of course make you wonder…are these fictional stories or are they real?…is this it? Or is there more to come?

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