Saturday is Independent Bookstore Day, Join Us!

Do you know what is happening tomorrow?  That's right, it is Independent Bookstore Day!  Are you as excited as we are?  Come on in and see what we've got!  There is a whole schedule of fun starting from the moment we open our doors until we close up for the night.  Take a peek at our events schedule for all the details.  We will start out the day with coffee, crumpets and lots of sweet merch arriving just for our special day. 

Do you have a Litograph of your favorite classic novel?  Litographs take sections of classic books and arrange the words into a picture of a scene from the novel.  You can buy a print of it to hang up on your wall.  They are a super way to nerd it up and decorate your home. 

Do you have an Out of Print t-shirt?  Classic book covers are on t-shirts and we've got 'em!  (We even have a few select shirts on sale for $19.99.) 

Want to read the up and comers in literature?  Make sure to scope out our lit mags.  I love Portland's amazing Tin House and Grand Rapid's Granola! 

Read local authors and pick up some poetry by Diane Suess, short stories by Bonnie Jo Campbell, or maybe some stunning art by Bell's artist Ladislav Hanka.  Learn about some local history and pick up a copy of Kalamazoo Gals, a non-fiction title about the women who built Gibson guitars. 

And don't forget about autographed books!  We've got signed copies of Elizabeth Crane's The History of Great Things and David Small's new book Bloom...and that is just for starters.  

Overwhelmed?  I don't want you to hyperventilate, but we also have unicorn lip glosses...and a unicorn glow in the dark puzzle.  And the lip gloss also comes in narwal.  I know, I know.