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It's Not Fall Yet, Grab Your Beach Towel!

I know, everybody is stocking back to school supplies and we are too.  You can be totally prepared and buy all of the things that you need without giving up your last month of summer.  Or, if you are like me, and "back to school" is something that you just remember with nostalgia from your own childhood because you do not have any children, you might be pretty dang stoked to keep the summer going.  I have been working a lot, but coveting the beach time that I have in spare moments.  Either way that you slice it, it might be time to party...beach and book style!  So, grab your towel and flip flops.  Pick out a hot new read.  You are ready to get that tan, take that nap, and lose yourself in a good book.

Might I recommend:

1.  Summerlong by Dean Bakopoulos

Think that our summer has been a scorcher?  Well, Grinnell, Iowa is burning it up too.  Claire and Don Lowry are getting a divorce...maybe.  They are having affairs with people a decade younger...maybe.  Everything feels uncertain and out of control.  The kids are noticing.  There is some craziness with a bear.  So many things are coming apart, and so many are coming together.  Such an amazing read!

2.  Love May Fail by Matthew Quick

This is a story about self-discovery, love, family and all of the blemishes that come with these things.  At forty, Portia wants a new life.  She looks at her friends' lives and how they differ from her own.  She has money; they have families.  She looks at her agoraphobic and out of touch mother and tries to connect with her, but is forced to conclude that "some people can't be saved."  In turning to the mentor and teacher who once saved her, she realizes that she can't ask that favor again. She has to repay it.  This is a tumultous story of redemption and finding meaning.  It is filled with Quick's signature blend of quirkiness and sweetness.  Love may fail, it is true.  Then again, sometimes it doesn't. 

3.  Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Need a cute romance that is also funny and smart?  Look no further!  Meet Georgie, a woman with a family and a big grown-up job.  She is trying to find balance.  When the writing job keeps her busy at the holidays and she cannot be with her husband and his family in Omaha, she feels a little down.  She hangs around with her mom and sister, staying in her old bedroom while she works.  When she calls her husband on her mom's old landline phone, she calls back into the past where a teenaged version of her husband answers.  It takes her back to the first days of their relationship.  This is a generally realistic book with just a splash of magic.  Rowell delivers this story with humor and genuine joy.  It might be set at the holidays, but it feels good to read any time of the year. 

There you have it.  My big three recommends for your towel time.  I could say more, but I know that you want to hurry in and get started!


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