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Hope You Are Ready

So, I think that I know what is on all of our minds right now...something that is very important and a matter of extreme discord between many friends and family members.  Yes, I am talking about what you will wear for Halloween.  (I mean, nothing else is happening at the moment, right?)

You could probably get some awesome ideas from your favorite books.  Why not come in and pick up a little research material?  Thinking about being an iconic pin-up girl?  Well, it might be time to read Lois Banner's bio on's called Marilyn: The Passion and the Paradox.  Maybe Hemingway would be a fun look.  You could get in the mood to embody Papa by rereading some of his novels and then take a little detour into reading about his personal life with Hemingway in Love:  The Untold Story by A.E. Hotchner. 

There is also the option to create a costume around a famous fictional character!  You could be Harry Potter or Dracula...OR you could be the raven from (wait for it!)  "The Raven."  Maybe you want to be Paddington Bear or Pete the Cat or Llama Llama!  There are really just so many ideas.  Maybe you want to choose one of the characters from The Babysitter's Club graphic series that Raina Telegemier based off of the Ann Martin novels. You get a free visual of what you should probably look like every time that you read one.  AND you should totally come in and show off what you pick come Halloween.  We like being entertained and impressed.  Of course, you could go the obscure route and select a character out of a David Foster Wallace short story or a random Shakespeare character that we don't always think about a whole lot, like Tybalt.  Those you will have to explain a bit, but if you are cool with that, I say go for it. 

If you intend to go as something not book themed, that's cool too.  Maybe dress up as your neighbor or something.  It won't be weird.  Just give it a shot.  Stop by, tap on the door, and say something not creepy like, "take a look, I AM YOU." 




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