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Hilda Might Be Coming to Netflix....But We've ALREADY Got Her!

Have you heard about Hilda?  Luke Pearson is the author/illustrator of the awesome graphics series Hilda, in which a young girl who lives out in the mountains with her mother finds herself adventuring with a variety of magical critters.  And also a few giants.  You know?  The basics.  (You might know Luke Pearson from his work on the popular TV show Adventure Time which he contributed to in the past.)  Netflix is about to release a TV series based on these comics and while it will likely be awesome, it is pretty dang hard to top the awesomeness of the books!  You can get your hands on those immediately.

Hilda and the Troll Cover Image  Hilda and the Midnight Giant Cover Image  Hilda and the Stone Forest Cover Image

These books are fun, feminist and filled with exciting artwork that will keep you lingering over the page even after you have read all of the words.  Why wait for the TV show?  Get to know this character now.  It is my duty as a bookseller to tell you that I read them compulsively and with glee.  Although we shelve these treasures with kid's graphics, they are fun (and appropriate) for all ages. 

Stop in any time and we will lead you to magical lands.  It's what we do.



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