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Hello, Fall

Well, it has happened again.  We have burned through another summer and are entering a new autumn.  Are you drinking cider?  Plowing through endless pumpkin spice lattes?  Well, pour that maple syrup on those flapjacks.  Oh, and here is a book that you might want to consider reading while you watch the leaves change:

The Hundred-Year House Cover Image


We begin in the year 2000.  The setting is a large estate just outside of the Chicago area.  Meet Zee (the daughter of the estate owner, Gracie) and Doug (Zee's husband who is studying the historic home's literary past).  They are staying at Laurelfield in the coach house.  When they wind up sharing the home with another couple, things start to get interesting--especially when Doug finds himself riveted by the new artist who is home all day with him.  And then there is the ghost of Violet.  She's been known to turn up from time to time too.  Gossip, drama and secrets abound in the present, but as we move backwards through time, the previous tenants prove even more perplexing. 

Go back to 1955. Meet Grace and George.  Grace wants an exciting husband, someone wild.  George is that guy, but he is also an abuser, a cheater, and a generally difficult fellow.  Watch them love and hate.

Go back to 1929.  Meet a host of artists who cannot keep out of each other's lives and wind up doing all sorts of naughty things.  Old time mayhem!

A little bit of mystery, a little bit of whimsy, and a whole lot of human failings.  And feelings.  This book feels big, but it comes in a small package. 

Welcome to Fall, come spend a little time at The Hundred-Year House.




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