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Stick Dog Slurps Spaghetti (Kobo eBook)

Stick Dog Slurps Spaghetti By Tom Watson Cover Image
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The beloved children’s book series continues as Stick Dog and his canine friends go on the prowl for pasta!

While looking for some rope to play tug-of-war, Stick Dog and his gang of hungry hounds find something even better: spaghetti! Once they get a taste, they must get some more—even if it means sneaking into a restaurant filled with people.

This difficult mission will demand all of Stick Dog’s problem-solving skills. Dangerous humans—including a strange-talking girl, a huge chef, and a penguin-man—lurk around every corner. But there’s more than danger in the air. Stick Dog has caught the scent of something even more scrumptious than spaghetti. And he’ll risk everything to find out what it is.

Other favorites in the series include Stick Dog Wants a Hot Dog, Stick Dog Chases a Pizza, and many more!

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