Donation Requests

Bookbug Community Giving

Donation and Sponsorship Request Form

Bookbug is committed to supporting our community and thoughtfully considering each donation/sponsorship request received. We take seriously our responsibility to give back to schools and organizations, and especially those who have chosen Bookbug as a primary, local independent source of books for:

--A School Book Fair/ fundraiser;

--Discounted curriculum orders and school literacy events, including Reading Challenges, Battle of the Books and others;

--a Bookbug co-hosted author events; and/or

--Individual Book Purchases and special orders.

Because of the volume of requests received and our desire to make the most informed, meaningful donations possible, we ask that requests be submitted in writing via email to by answering the following questions:

1. What is the name of the organization or person seeking donation?

2. Please describe the organization's and/or your personal relationship to Bookbug as a customer or community partner.

3. Organization Tax ID #

4. Please provide a brief description of the event and/or fundraising effort, including number of people expected to attend, sponsorship/donation recognition and cause served.

5. Please add any additional information you feel is important for Bookbug to consider in evaluating the impact of a potential donation.

All donation recipients will be contacted within 14 days of submitting a completed donation request. We appreciate greatly your efforts to support our community and encourage you to consider ways that Bookbug may be able to help you reach your fundraising goals into the future, including our school-based and in-store book fairs.  Please also remember that we are always here as a resource to complement community-based literacy efforts by our offering of FREE public events and generous discounts on quantity book orders.