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The Brand New Issue of Granola is Here!

Did you like the last issue of Granola?  Eager to get your hands on more? Come on in!  Granola is a hip lit mag based out of Grand Rapids, MI and was recently featured at the GR Zine Fest.  It is filled with art, poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction...AND it features yours truly!  I have two pieces published in this issue, "What is the Color of Your Power?" and "The Odyssey of Slappo Bappo."  If you appreciate the absurdity of internet quizzes and job searches, read the first story.  If you want to know about urinating dolls and a very sassy younger me, read my creative non-fic piece, Slappo.   Of course, I am just one of many contributors and this publication gives a lot of bang of your five bucks.  There are awesome graphic pieces, adult coloring pages, and so much more.  

Read, share, discuss. 


Sarah Sorensen

3019 Oakland Dr.
Kalamazoo, MI 49008

Open Monday - Saturday

Phone (269) 385-2847