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Physical Signatures of Magnetospheric Boundary Layer Processes (NATO Science Series C: #425) (Paperback)

Physical Signatures of Magnetospheric Boundary Layer Processes (NATO Science Series C: #425) Cover Image
By J. a. Holtet (Editor), A. Egeland (Editor)
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Summary of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Physical Signatures of Magnetospheric Boundary Layer Processes T A POTEMRA, M I PUDOVKIN, R W SMITH, V M VASYLIUNAS and A EGELAND 451 PREFACE These proceedings are based on the invited talks and selected research reports presented at the NATO Advanced Workshop on "PHYSICAL SIGNATURES OF MAGNETOSPHERIC BOUNDARY LAYER PROCESSES", held at Sundvolden Hotel, Norway, 9.-14.May 1993. The international political and scientific communities have gradually realized that the Earth's environment is more fragile than previously believed. This has led to the establishment of international research programmes directed toward the understanding of "Global Change". The Earth's magnetosphere, "the Earth-space", is a part of our environment, and physical processes in the magnetosphere and coupling between the solar energy stream, the solar wind, and the Earth-space are important in the complete understanding of our environment. Variations in the electromagnetic and particle energy output of the Sun have a significant effect on global changes. The energy transfer mechanisms at the days ide magnetospheric boundary layers and their ionospheric signatures are perhaps even more important to solar- terrestrial research than the night-side processes in this connection. The dayside boundary layers and the polar cusps are the Earth's windows to outer space. The present NATO ARW was the latest in a series of conferences focused on dayside magnetospheric phenomena. It is five years since the preceding Workshop on "Electromag- netic Coupling in the Polar Clefts and Caps" was held at Lillehammer in September 1988.

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ISBN: 9789401044578
ISBN-10: 9401044570
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: October 20th, 2012
Pages: 456
Language: English
Series: NATO Science Series C:
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