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FOODHEIM: A Culinary Adventure [A Cookbook] (Hardcover)

FOODHEIM: A Culinary Adventure [A Cookbook] By Eric Wareheim, Emily Timberlake (With) Cover Image
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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • From one half of the cult comedy duo Tim & Eric comes the culinary bible for modern food freaks, showing you how to throw epic parties, suck the marrow out of life, and cook better than your grandmother.
ONE OF THE TEN BEST COOKBOOKS OF THE YEAR: The New Yorker • ONE OF THE BEST COOKBOOKS OF THE YEAR: New York Post • “A book with all the recipes to Wareheim’s insanely delicious secret sauces? And a sneak peek at the man behind the curtain?? I’ll take two please . . . extra crispy!!!”—Jack Black

Director and actor Eric Wareheim might be known for his comedy, but his passion for food and drink is no joke. For the last fifteen years he has been traveling the world in search of the best bites and sips, learning from top chefs and wine professionals along the way. His devotion to beautiful natural wine, the freshest seafood crudos, and perfectly cooked rib-eyes is legit. And now he wants to share with you everything he’s learned on this epic food journey.

In Foodheim, Wareheim takes readers deep into his foodscape with chapters on topics like circle foods (burgers, tacos), grandma foods (pasta, meatballs), and juicy foods (steak, ribs). Alongside recipes for Chicken Parm with Nonna Sauce, Personal Pan Pep Pep, and Crudite Extreme with Dill Dippers, you will discover which eight cocktail recipes you should know by heart, how to saber a bottle of bubbly, and what you need to do to achieve handmade pasta perfection at home.

Written with award-winning cookbook editor Emily Timberlake and featuring eye-popping photographs and art chronicling Wareheim's evolution as a drinker, how to baby your pizza dough into pie perfection, and more, Foodheim is the ultimate book for anyone who lives to eat.

Praise for Foodheim

“We are all searching for greatness, and Eric is what we are searching for in ourselves. Through his searching we don’t need to search: we have found. Eric is my Martha Stewart, my mother. He’s the maître d, the Emeril Lagasse, the Andre Agassi, the Dennis Rodman. He’s true love and commitment to the craft of the food. He is food.”—Matty Matheson
“Eric has written an instant classic that will command prime real estate in every young culinary enthusiast’s kitchen. People will say about Foodheim what past generations have said about Joy of Cooking, ’This book taught me how to cook.’ If this book existed as a resource for me when I was making my bones, I would surely be more successful today. Hail, Foodheim!”—Kris Yenbamroong, chef and owner of NIGHT + MARKET

About the Author

Eric Wareheim is a director, actor, comedian, and writer. He is half of the comedy duo Tim & Eric, who have been making TV shows, movies, books, and music for twenty years. Wareheim also acted in, produced, and directed episodes of the Netflix series Master of None.

Emily Timberlake is a writer and editor.

Praise For…

“Wareheim’s passion for delicious meals, high-quality ingredients, smartly paired wines, and throwing food-centric parties is one hundred percent sincere. And infectious.”Los Angeles magazine

Foodheim [is] a blueprint for eating well, and having a really good time doing it.”Eater, “The 17 Best Cookbooks of Fall 2022”

“This is a fun book for people who are down to have fun with cooking, eating, and entertaining.”Food & Wine

“Hosanna be praised! He’s done it! A beautiful testament to Eric’s passion for delicious food and wine! Currently destroying all my other cookbooks. A practical and beautiful salute to Eric’s talents in the culinary arts! This is more than a cookbook, it’s a work of art! Overall, could have used more pizzamans, though.”—Tim Heidecker
“This book is the bridge between actuality and potentiality, a journey into the gap of mind and matter. Eric has found the sweet spot of all the best foods we love and that never fail us. He’s conquered comedy; he’s defeated the laws of reality. Now he will make all of us chefs look bad with his amazing cooking.”—Jeremiah Stone, chef and co-owner of Contra and Wildair
“If there’s one thing I know about my friend Eric, it’s that the man loves food. He’s the only person I know who can eat a medium-size building covered in turkey gravy and not gain a single pound. As I am unable to perform such miracles, I’ve had to live through him. The moment I introduced him to Atlanta strip-club chicken wings, I knew he’d immediately fall in love all over again.”—T-Pain
“I have never met anyone who finds such extreme humor in the most spontaneous things in life while taking his craft extremely seriously. I’m always excited to talk to Eric about food and wine because he is ever-curious and always wanting to share his passion for food and wine and the craft of hospitality.”—Fabián von Hauske, chef and co-owner of Contra and Wildair
“You will forever see, feel, and taste shapes and sizes that are both familiar and foreign but always delicious. I love the perspective and love this instant classic.”—Chris Bianco, chef and author of Bianco
“Eric Wareheim cares more about fine food and wine than anyone I know. Our travels together are the stuff of legend. If you are considering buying this book, take it from someone who knows Eric—he will not steer you wrong.”—John C. Reilly
“This cookbook is a MUST for anyone who needs a Big Bud to guide their taste buds to a world of tastiness. Stop reading these blurbs and buy it now! NOW!!”—Aziz Ansari

“Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great. Eric is fearless, curious, creative; his door is always open for the unexpected. Eric can cook, and this book shows us how much he loves it.”—Massimo Bottura, chef, Osteria Francescana

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Publication Date: September 21st, 2021
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