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Epsom Salt, Honey and Lemon: DIY Miracle for your Health, Beauty, Relaxation and Better Gardening (Paperback)

Epsom Salt, Honey and Lemon: DIY Miracle for your Health, Beauty, Relaxation and Better Gardening By Rebecca Valentine Cover Image
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Epsom Salt, Honey and Lemon
Relieve Anxiety, Depression, Greatly improve Hormonal mood swings, Reduce RLS, Detox, Treat Eczema and Sunburn, remove Blackheads, Shrink Skin Pores, reduce Cellulite, prevent Baldness and so much more. For your garden, help grow more green foliage, get rid of garden pests, produce more fruits that are sweeter and juicer, grow bigger tomatoes, pepper and even beautiful Roses

As an herbalist for last 27 years, I have been an avid user of three wonders of the world, Epsom salt, honey and lemon. You may wonder why these three out thousands of nature's other wonders. Well if you read this book, you will understand why I am so passionate about this three.

I have seen other book on these topics, but most don't go in the true depth of all the key benefits, as most are written by only doing Google search. For me, this is far from Google research; this is my profession, my life, and my passion. Everything I shared in this book, all the recipes, remedies and tips, each and every one of them have been tried and tested by me many times over.

Making Epsom salts, honey, honey byproducts, and lemons part of your everyday routine is a non-toxic, non-invasive and inexpensive way to take responsibility for your own well-being. If you have all three of them on hand, then you have a minimal at-home pharmacy that is versatile enough to handle a variety of conditions, and as also discussed at the end of every chapter, you also have an arsenal of home-made nontoxic cleaning and gardening products that are actually good for the environment

This Is A Three Part Book, After Reading, You Will Learn:

Part -1 Epsom Salt

  • History of Epsom salt
  • 20 Key Health Benefits of Epsom Salt
  • 11 ways to use Epsom salt for Mood and Mental well-being
  • 9 Soothing Bath recipes
  • 7 Healing Bath Recipes
  • 9 Essential use for home and garden transplants
  • How to use Epsom salt as garden bug repellent and soil amendment
  • Tips and Tricks for Adding Epsom salt to your daily routine

Part -2 Honey

  • The power of Honey
  • 18 Essential benefits of using Honey
  • Healing with Beeswax
  • Healing with Honeycomb
  • 12 Ways to add Honeycomb to you daily diet
  • 9 Ways to use Honey as healing food
  • How to buy the right honey
  • 29 Medicinal use of honey
  • 12 ways to use Honey for beauty
  • Tips and Tricks for using beeswax, Honeycomb and raw honey for home and health

Part -3 Lemon

  • 16 Essential Health benefits of Lemon
  • 12 Ways to add more raw lemon to your diet
  • 6 Must use medicinal use of Lemon
  • 14 Beauty use of Lemon
  • Lemon for Home cleaning
  • Tips and Tricks for using lemon the best possible ways

Once you finish reading this guide, I want you to try at least one of the remedies I outlined here; I guarantee you will enjoy the benefit of natural healing without any adverse or side effects.

Good luck and enjoy

About the Author

Rebecca Valentine has been a practicing herbalist for last 27 years. She has devoted her life is better leaving through nature's various miracles. She lives in San Jose with her husband Mark and three daughters.

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ISBN: 9781973956426
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Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: July 26th, 2017
Pages: 120
Language: English
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