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TRUMPED (An Alternative Musical) Part One Performance Edition, Amateur Two Performance (Paperback)

TRUMPED (An Alternative Musical) Part One Performance Edition, Amateur Two Performance Cover Image
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Written in four acts presented across two parts, TRUMPED: An Alternative Musical is a satirical stage play that parodies the 2016 Presidential Election campaign of Donald Trump and his subsequent time in office as the 45th President of the United States.

Opening on the final day of the July 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, Act I tells the story behind the Trump campaign's journey from the outsider of the Republican field to the unexpected winner of the Electoral College with a questionable victory.

Covering the Russia meeting at Trump Tower, all three election debates against the Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, and the attempts of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, to ensure a win for the Trump campaign in the state of Wisconsin, Act I concludes at the end of November 8, election day, as the final results come in.

With the election over and Donald Trump set to become the 4th President, Act II opens the day following the election as both the world and the current President, Barack Obama, are all still in shock at the previous day's result.

Concluding toward the end of Trump's first year in office, Act II covers his and his Vice President, Mike Pence's inaugurations, a visit to the White House by his German counterpart, Angela Merkel, and the apparent early collapse of the Trump regime brought about through the actions of Robert Mueller, the tweets of Donald Trump Junior, and the gullibility of Eric Trump, forcing the family to make a quick escape and leave another to fall in their place as Part One comes to a close.

Picking up some weeks after the conclusion of Part One, Act III opens as the President is presumed missing by his closet supporters, and Vladimir Putin is becoming tiresome of ruling from the front lines.

With the job of bringing Trump back to the United States tasked to him, Fox News anchor, Sean Hannity, soon sets off to South America to discover that his journey home is to be hindered by the measures he supported.

Coming to a close as the 2018 Midterm elections approach, Act III follows the President as, despite his America-first attitude, he attempts to forge new international ties with world leaders and royalty alike, while domestically, his party works to secure a new seat on the Supreme Court.

Act IV opens with an opportunity to discover how Trump's predecessor is coping with his post-presidential life and his thoughts on the upcoming Midterm elections. Leaving island life behind, the action then returns to Trump as he discovers that under his leadership, the Republican Party is set for a historic loss.

Following the Midterms being brought to you live from Florida and Texas, Act IV goes on to tell the story of a government shutdown and fine dining Trump-style as the Democrats begin searching for their 2020 nominee.

Coming to a close in late 2019, this final act builds up to an interpretation of events as they should have been, with the President finally being held to account.


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Product Details
ISBN: 9781913408961
ISBN-10: 1913408965
Publisher: Blue Lens
Publication Date: August 4th, 2020
Pages: 432
Language: English
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