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#cincodemayo 110 (Chinese Edition) (Paperback)

#cincodemayo 110 (Chinese Edition) By I. D. Oro Cover Image
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(Chinese Edition) The Battle of Puebla on 5-5-1862 known as Cinco de Mayo was a Mexican military victory against the French led forces of King Napoleon III. The French had not lost a single battle since Napoleon Bonaparte lost the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. Meanwhile in a parallel universe the French lead forces are able to defeat Mexico on 5-5-1862 leading to the eventual downfall of the Mexican government of President Benito Pablo Ju rez Garc a. A new rising star in the Mexican Army earns the title of President of Mexico in the newest colony of France. King Napoleon III has plans for a new alliance with the Confederate States of America, Britain, and Spain. A new war to recuperate Mexico's lost lands from the Mexican American War of 1846 soon follows to distract the attention of the Mexicans. A group of characters now must deal with the consequences of the defeat on 5-5-1862. Each of them will struggle to adjust to the news. Dulce Mar a discovers a secret that her father Colonel Abraham is hiding in a hole in the wall. Cortez hides in the mountains of Queretaro, Mexico with the rest of the conservative rebels waiting to attack a nearby town to gather supplies for their lost cause. Eva saves the life of a thief by convincing her father that sometimes business comes before revenge. Major Jos intervenes to help a friend in a tough situation. Francisco earns the title of Mexican Supreme Court Justice after a killing. Enriqueta has a secret plan to preserve her family's power in Mexico City. Captain Pablo finds a mysterious letter that promises an opportunity to enjoy one last prank before his retirement. Ophelia works as a nurse for the Confederate States of America during the time when the medical field does not accept women. Lyra helps to run a cotton and tobacco smuggling operation out of San Antonio, Texas into the port of Bagdad, Mexico to fool the naval blockade of the United States of America.

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ISBN: 9781720812449
ISBN-10: 1720812446
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 6th, 2018
Pages: 130
Language: Chinese
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