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"the Flight of the Dodo": Political poems for Patriots (Paperback)

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This book of poetry contains my "common sense" views on various political people and institutions.

The poems are organized by chapters which include:
- The mainstream news media
- The progressive Democrats and their socialist agenda, including ("The Squad")
- The Russia hoax and the people involved
- The old establishment's Democrats who have now joined the Squad.
- The Democrat presidential candidate and his replacement
- City and state politicians and their anti-Trump bias
- Radical groups pushing their Marxist agenda
- Liberal justice system
- The Rhinos
- Patriotic Republicans
- The Police
- Sports
- President Trump
- The COVID 19 pandemic
I am a retired middle aged American born citizen married to my beautiful naturalized Hispanic wife for 30 happy years. We have five children that we are very proud of and a Chihuahua that thinks she's a Rottweiler. I have a Bachelor's degree and I worked in the medical field for many years which I found very rewarding.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781632214041
ISBN-10: 1632214040
Publisher: Liberty Hill Publishing
Publication Date: October 15th, 2020
Pages: 108
Language: English
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