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History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. with a New Added Index (Hardcover)

History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. with a New Added Index Cover Image
By Emmet Starr, Jeff Bowen (Index by)
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This reprinted edition contains a New, comprehensive, every-name Index, consisting of 123 pages, which was not included in the original publication.

The History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore, is considered an essential source of reference for researchers investigating the Cherokee tribe, or family historians tracing their Native American family genealogy. In his Preface, the author Dr. Emmet Starr writes, "This humble effort is attempted for the purpose of perpetuating some of the facts relative to the Cherokee tribe that might otherwise be lost. The object has been to make it as near a personal history and biography of as many Cherokees as possible." Dr. Starr easily accomplishes his stated purpose and objective in this well-written and comprehensive book.

This volume covers a multitude of subjects in the first-half of the book, including: Cherokee Origin, Religion, Characteristics; Trouble with the Chickamauga, the attack at Knoxville, Mussel Shoals Massacre, Removal to Arkansas, First printed laws; Convention of Delegates, Constitution Adopted; Proclamation of May 28, 1828; Treaty with the Cherokees, 1835;The emigration from Georgia, Cost Detachment, Resolutions of Protest, Political Differences, Civil War Averted; Act of Union between the Eastern and Western Cherokees; Treaty with the Cherokees, 1846, Schools established, Old settler payments, Keetoowah Society organized, Organization of military companies, Cherokees enter the Civil War, General Waite surrenders; Treaty with the Cherokees, 1866, Delawares acquire full rights, Shawnees adopted by Cherokees, Land sold to Osages, Officers' salaries fixed, Land donated to Masons, Lodges; The Texas Cherokees 1820-1830, Grant from Mexico, Grant from Texas, Treaties, Expulsion; Public school system established, National officials, Male and female seminary, Graduates, Eleemosynary Institutions; Missionary activities, first printing; Officers of the Cherokee Nation, September 9, 1839 to June 30, 1908;

The second-half of this work is devoted to genealogies and biographies, of which there are several hundred, providing information on marriages, births, deaths over several generations and naming thousands of related persons. A new, every-name index has been added, containing more than 15,000 names.

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ISBN: 9781596414143
ISBN-10: 1596414146
Publisher: Janaway Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: August 14th, 2018
Pages: 806
Language: English
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