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Leading While Bleeding: Overcoming Hurtful Obstacles To Your Success (Paperback)

Leading While Bleeding: Overcoming Hurtful Obstacles To Your Success By Micheline McFarland, Anthony McFarland Cover Image
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This book is written for individuals who have gone though many heartfelt hurts and life challenges while in leadership positions. Leading and not dealing with the onset of pains and disappointments can cause many malfunctions while leading. What we have learned is that you can lead while bleeding. We have seen this from many personal experiences and have witnessed many of our friends, family, and peers even die in that state. We've come to realize that it is crucial that you do the work and deal with matters; otherwise, it can cost you everything. Some say... this will be the leaders First Aid Kit In this book we discuss real life personal experiences and issues we have seen other leaders face. When you don't give attention to the root of your pain, you can turn to many ways to cover it up and many ways to sedate yourself, with things like drugs alcohol, affairs, porno, a controlling spirit, adultery, rebellion against God's authority, lying, cheating-it goes on and on. Some say... finally a book that addresses and speaks to the pain of leadership This book is dedicated to every leader, couple, and volunteer who are on the front lines of ministry and business; those who have been through the fire, through the storms of life, family and ministry, and found themselves bleeding while leading. Some say... finally a book that speaks to real people with real issues We have all heard of leaders falling and failing both privately and publically but can you tell if you're bleeding to death or dying a slow death as a result of judgements, personal storms, betrayal, character failures or even unfulfilled dreams or desires that never happened?Some say... finally a book that challenges leaders, spouses, volunteers in church and businessmen to take off the mask and confront mental and emotional conflict This book can be viewed as a kind of First Aid Kit to help stop or identify emotional bleeding, leaking or hemorrhaging that may be happening to you or others around you. Never before has there been a book written to help believers in both ministry or business address and overcome the pains and disappointments of leadership. The reader will find simple action steps and wisdom required to stop the bleeding, walk in heal and deliverance in order to move forward in faith and victory.

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ISBN: 9781543292992
ISBN-10: 1543292992
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: December 14th, 2019
Pages: 186
Language: English
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