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Property Development For Beginners: The Five Fundamentals Of Property Development (Paperback)

Property Development For Beginners: The Five Fundamentals Of Property Development By Steve Chandler Cover Image
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Have you ever wanted to be a property developer but didn't know how?For those considering their first property development project it is essential to understand the five fundamentals of property development.The five fundamentals of property development are:1. Acquisition;2. Feasibility;3. Authorities;4. Revenue; and5. Delivery.Property development begins with the first fundamental, acquisition. You can't be a property developer without a property to develop. But how do you know what property to acquire and where?And you wouldn't acquire a property if you didn't know that it was financially feasible. The second fundamental is feasibility. You need to understand the financial position of your proposed project before you commit to acquire a property.And before you commit to acquire a property you would want to know with reasonable certainty that you will obtain the relevant authority approvals. Authorities are the third fundamental of property development.Maximising your revenue and making sure it gets into your hip pocket as quickly as possible is also very important. Revenue is the fourth fundamental of property development.And the fifth fundamental of property development is delivery. You have to design the building and construct it fo rthe budget in your feasibility and as approved by your local authority.All these fundamentals are integrally related to each other. You need to understand them all to be a property developer. And that's what this book does; it brings together all five fundamentals in an easy to read, short format book to help you become a property developer.

About the Author

Steve Chandler is a third generation property developer with 35 years' experience in the property industry. Steve was born in Australia and raised in numerous locations throughout Australia and in Papua New Guinea. From a young age Steve was exposed to construction and property development through his father's work and businesses as well as his Grandfather. Steve commenced his career in the building industry in 1980. At the age of 21 Steve achieved his first managerial role in the building industry and quickly rose through the ranks to become a Project Manager. Following this Steve held Development Management roles with major property development companies. In 2006 Steve established LEFTA Corporation Pty Ltd, a property development consultancy firm created to deliver value uplift through property development strategies. Steve commenced lecturing in both construction project management and property development at various institutions in 2012 and founded Property Development Institute in 2015 to assist those people that want to BE a property developer. Today Steve manages both LEFTA and Property Development Institute and has expanded their reach through provision of training, coaching and mentoring services. To contact Steve email or telephone +61 2 8004 6669.

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ISBN: 9781534641235
ISBN-10: 1534641238
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: July 13th, 2016
Pages: 54
Language: English
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