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Hermit in the Magical Forest (Paperback)

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Who knows you best? You might think you know yourself better than anyone else. But that might not be true. In her book, Hermit in the Magical Forest, author Julie Stewart tells the story of Hermit, a magical snail who has retreated into his shell, living with fear and feelings of unworthiness. When he finally asks for help and embraces his internal compass, he embarks on a journey. Along the way Hermit uncovers his unique power; a unique power that helps many in a special way. This book has been written to help children and those of all ages find recognition, hope, and their own personal calling in life. May it be a light for those coping with anxiety, depression and a fear of failure.

About the Author

Julie Stewart is an inspirational writer, speaker, visionary, intuitive channel, healer and transformational coach. She has devoted her life to honoring her spirit and finding her truth. Bridging and creating powerful connections for people lifts her soul. Julie fiercely pursues her mission to create space in which others can develop self-love, self-evolution and self-worth. She naturally draws people to find their purpose, open their hearts, minds, and spirit to the flow of life. Julie began nourishing her abilities at the age of 21. People soon began responding to her ability to foster healing miracles. Julie now devotes her time to showing others the sacred covenants of their inner beauty, helping them reclaim their voices by breaking down the barriers to the power of their souls. She knows that finding your voice and the beauty within takes courage, work and patience. Recalling her own dark nights, Julie counsels others not to fear being lost or having pain, but to have resilience and persevere. What is waiting on the other side is brighter than you can ever have imagine!

Product Details
ISBN: 9781532042799
ISBN-10: 1532042795
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: March 23rd, 2018
Pages: 70
Language: English
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