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Wilbert the Worm (Paperback)

Wilbert the Worm By Harpreet M. Dayal Cover Image
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Harpreet M Dayal brings a story for young readers called Wilbert the Worm, which has been illustrated by Joanna Scott. This book explores the subject of fear of change, standing up to bullies and being brave whilst discovering new things in life.

Harpreet M Dayal weaves a heart-warming story, filled with songs to sing along to. It is about a worm named Wilbert, who wakes up every morning and follows the same familiar route through the dirt to the only place he likes to go, a place with a pile of stones of all shapes and colours. He sees the world above ground through the eyes his best friend, Amy the Ant who tells Wilbert about all her adventures. He would very much like to see the world, to go above ground and see the beautiful flowers and rainbow but is afraid to do so. One day, Wilbert decides to take a leap of faith and venture above ground, despite being afraid. On his detour, he comes face to face with his bullies Darren the Digger Bee and Shaun the Spider.

Follow Wilbert on his journey as he tries to shake off his bullies and overcome his fear of change to follow his dreams.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780995052734
ISBN-10: 0995052735
Publisher: Harpreet Dayal
Publication Date: November 9th, 2020
Pages: 70
Language: English
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