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The Perfect Beach Book

Every year I struggle to find “the” perfect beach book. For me, this is a very important emotional decision. I find that during the height of summer heat my attention wanes and I only want to swim and not read. As such, the beach book becomes the fun read of the year, a time when I can be playful more than serious. I do not want the book to be too fluffy nor too deep. It needs to hit the perfect storm for me; a blend of compulsive readability, can’t-unsee-situations, and provocative characterization.

Review - Howl's Moving Castle

Sophie is a young woman from the village of Market Chipping. After the death of her father, her step-mother asks her and her two sisters, Lettie and Martha, to acquire apprenticeships to help with the home finances. Lettie works in a local pastry shop while Martha is passed along to her mother’s friend, Mrs. Fairfax, to be her assistant. Sophie remains in the family’s hat shop, making the wares and helping the customers. One day, she is approached by an elderly witch who enchants her out of a jealous spite.

Review - Roses and Rot

Roses and Rot is an upcoming release from the fine folks at Saga Press. As a debut, it is Kat Howard's first offering to the world of fiction, and it's positively fantastic!  This was one of those novels that I looked forward to upon reading the initial press release. That Neil Gaiman blurbed it only increased my interest. By all accounts, this was a book for me.

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