You Should Go Camping

It is summer time.  Okay, fine.  It is spring time.  But if you went outside at all this week, you will know that it is actually summer time.  That means that it is important for you to go camping.  If you do so immediately, you can start bragging quicker.  When all of those other losers are like, "Gee maybe I will go camping," you can cackle in their faces and say, "Oh...sure.  I mean, I already did that this year.  But good for you."  If camping isn't a competitive activity, what is?  You can lord your s'mores knowledge over other

Vacation--It's All You've Ever Wanted

Have to get away?  I understand.  It is that time of year when you want to cast off all of your responsibilities and go dance in a field of baby goats, ride an alpaca to freedom, etc.  Have you been working too much?  Feeling a little bloated from eating yet another box of sketchy pasta?  Yes.  Well, what are you going to do about it?  Better pack the car.

Best Beatles Books

My favorite person EVER is Paul McCartney, and I'm obsessed with The Beatles. I think both the music and the history behind the Beatles are fascinating, and that they are a topic which very much deserves to be explored. I have had a rapidly growing collection of Beatles-related books for as long as I can remember, and so I feel like now is a good time to share what some of my favorites happen to be. It's quite hard to narrow down all of the ones I've read, and to determine what my favorites are, but here goes nothing!


Review - Roses and Rot

Roses and Rot is an upcoming release from the fine folks at Saga Press. As a debut, it is Kat Howard's first offering to the world of fiction, and it's positively fantastic!  This was one of those novels that I looked forward to upon reading the initial press release. That Neil Gaiman blurbed it only increased my interest. By all accounts, this was a book for me.


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