Pride Month

I had planned to post a list of books you might be interested in checking out for Pride month, but I have been at a loss for words after the recent mass shooting.  The tragedy that occurred in Orlando has weighed on my mind and I felt that I could not post my typical kind of humorous chatter.  I will again, of course.  It is a part of who I am.  But the LGBTQ community is a part of who I am as well.  I'm not going to address the shooting in this blog.  If you are curious about my thoughts on that topic, I have already commented on it in my author's blog: www.ty

Grit - What exactly is it?

At the forefront of education debates as we head into the summer is the subject of Grit.  The debate has been polarizing (is there any topic not polarizing anymore?) among the education community, with avid supporters and detractors alike.  Arguments abound over what Grit actually is, but most break it down by describing it as perseverance. That "don't quit" attitude that we all need to have as we face the inevitable adversities that cross our paths at every stage of life.

Summer Reads

For whatever reason, I always find myself in a reading funk during the winter months. Be what it may, the cold, damp, dark days don't allow for me to do my best thinking, or reading, or writing, or...well, anything. But, now that it's sunny and gorgeous out again, I am burning through books like wildfire, and am on an absolute literary high! It's kind of the best possible thing. I've read a lot lately, but let's talk about the last five books I've read (all of which have been satisfying and not disappointing, so no snarky reviews *this time*. Sorry!)


Tiny Books!


I am a member of a group called Future Purveyors of Tiny Things. The first step is to collect tiny things. Then, I guess, I'm supposed to parcel them out to others. I am not sure I'll ever move on to this second phase and will just be collecting more and more small treasures until my days are over. But they really don't take up much room. I don't have to get rid of them when I move. I can take one with me in my pocket anytime. And they bring me great pleasure.


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