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Labor Day!

Well, we are in the middle of a long weekend and if you are not too bloated from all of that BBQ, we suggest stopping by and grabbing some reading material.  You know, because you have probably talked to your family a lot already and that would exhaust anyone.  If everyone has a book, you might just grab a little quiet time.  Sit in the woods, lie down on the beach, chill out on the porch, look mysterious at the bar...whatever you want!  Might I make a few suggestions?  I think you said "sure." 

Here you go!

1.  Granola Magazine

Look Classy with a Classic

As we reach the end of August, we draw ever closer to the big election in November.  Want to feel more prepared?  Read up about the candidates?  Maybe you are looking for a way to think about something else entirely, trying to avoid the whole thing and every time you turn on the television set it is staring you in the face.  Either scenario probably means that you need a few new books on your shelves.


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