Hope You Are Ready

So, I think that I know what is on all of our minds right now...something that is very important and a matter of extreme discord between many friends and family members.  Yes, I am talking about what you will wear for Halloween.  (I mean, nothing else is happening at the moment, right?)

Reading Slump

Even as booksellers and bibliophiles, we all go through periods where, even though we want to, we just can't find the time or energy to read. It can be frustrating to know that there are SO MANY GOOD BOOKS out there waiting to be read, and there is SO LITTLE TIME. And yet, your brain can't seem to do its job, and it feels like you're missing out on so much.

Never fear: this is normal. It happens to everyone. A reading slump is okay, and it's frustrating, but I've found a few ways to help myself get out of that mode that I'll share now!


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