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Women's March On Washington

Whether you plan to attend the Women's March on Washington, or just want to improve your knowledge of feminist issues, you may want to check out some books on the subject.  We stock lots of interesting titles for kids and adults in social science, history, biography & memoir, and many other categories.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with reading a great novel to feel empowered as well.  Books have the power to present us with different perspectives, experiences, and knowledge from that which we have culled from our own lives.  They are opportunities to exam the w

2016: A Year in Reading

As we begin 2017, I am taking inventory of 2016.  While this meditation certainly includes more than my reading list, the reading list matters too.  As with the year in general, my reading list included some amazing things and some that left me underwhelmed.  Rather than drag you down the rabbit hole of books that I wanted more from, it seems more useful to share my favorites.  Here are the books that made my year of reading thought-provoking, emotionally intense, and meaningful.  I offer them to you in hopes that they bring you the same.

Your Holiday List

Let's face it, you haven't finished your holiday shopping.  You took a peek in the closet and groaned realizing that you've neglected a bunch of relatives, then a friend surprised you with a gift and you had a whole bunch of nothing to offer back, and apparently Secret Santa is mandatory at work.  You are going to have to make some purchases.  Feeling overwhelmed?  That's okay.  We're great at making book recommendations for all ages.


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