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SarahSorensen's blog

There is So Much Poetry Waiting For You

April is National Poetry Month!  Have you spent time reading any poems this month?  I don't want to overstimulate you, but we have Willa Cather on our sales cart as we speak.  Willa.  Cather.  And on discount.  It is hard to complete sentences when you are this excited. 

Not sure about this whole poetry thing?  Think all poetry is for weirdoes and super hard to understand?  Well, that is just not true.  Mary Oliver writes beautifully about nature and her work is very accessible.  So there. 

April Fools!

Welcome to a new month and another April Fools Day!  Why not take some time out today to have a little fun?  Maybe start a little mischief? 

Here are some books to inspire a little mayhem:

1.  What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night by Tuma

  • Picture book with photos of toy dinosaurs destroying everything. Everything.  They aren't malicious, just kinda...exuberant?  Whoa.  Some much fun!

2.  Amy Falls Down by Willett

Granola: A New Local Lit Mag! Only $5!

Bookbug now carries Granola magazine, a Michigan based lit mag that also features graffic comic strips and other cool stuff.  ANNNDDD, in case you were wondering, it features my writing!  Didn't know that I was a writer?  I have actually been published over 30 times in small presses.  Here is your opportunity to check out what I do!  I have two stories in this issue:  "Mother's Day" and "The Ugly Us."  In one, you will meet a woman who simply cannot stop getting pregnant and having twins.  In the other, you will find a couple plagued by doppl


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