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SarahSorensen's blog

Vacation--It's All You've Ever Wanted

Have to get away?  I understand.  It is that time of year when you want to cast off all of your responsibilities and go dance in a field of baby goats, ride an alpaca to freedom, etc.  Have you been working too much?  Feeling a little bloated from eating yet another box of sketchy pasta?  Yes.  Well, what are you going to do about it?  Better pack the car.

Saturday is Independent Bookstore Day, Join Us!

Do you know what is happening tomorrow?  That's right, it is Independent Bookstore Day!  Are you as excited as we are?  Come on in and see what we've got!  There is a whole schedule of fun starting from the moment we open our doors until we close up for the night.  Take a peek at our events schedule for all the details.  We will start out the day with coffee, crumpets and lots of sweet merch arriving just for our special day. 

Discover a New Author This Weekend

Are you tired of all of your "favorite" authors?  Need some new, exciting literature in your life?  Come in this weekend and let us guide you!

My recommendation is Lindsay Hunter's novel Ugly Girls.  This slim novel packs a seismic boom.  Rarely have I read a book that creates such a familiar, yet fictional reality.  Hunter has the sophistication to write characters with both keen insight and unwavering kindness, a skill that is riveting.  


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