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SarahSorensen's blog

The Books We Need

Books can serve a lot of purposes.  Sometimes we read them to educate and sometimes we just want to be entertained.  I have always appreciated the C.S.

Look Classy with a Classic

As we reach the end of August, we draw ever closer to the big election in November.  Want to feel more prepared?  Read up about the candidates?  Maybe you are looking for a way to think about something else entirely, trying to avoid the whole thing and every time you turn on the television set it is staring you in the face.  Either scenario probably means that you need a few new books on your shelves.

It's Not Fall Yet, Grab Your Beach Towel!

I know, everybody is stocking back to school supplies and we are too.  You can be totally prepared and buy all of the things that you need without giving up your last month of summer.  Or, if you are like me, and "back to school" is something that you just remember with nostalgia from your own childhood because you do not have any children, you might be pretty dang stoked to keep the summer going.  I have been working a lot, but coveting the beach time that I have in spare moments.  Either way that you slice it, it might be time to party...beach and book style!  So,


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