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Hilda Might Be Coming to Netflix....But We've ALREADY Got Her!

Have you heard about Hilda?  Luke Pearson is the author/illustrator of the awesome graphics series Hilda, in which a young girl who lives out in the mountains with her mother finds herself adventuring with a variety of magical critters.  And also a few giants.  You know?  The basics.  (You might know Luke Pearson from his work on the popular TV show Adventure Time which he contributed to in the past.)  Netflix is about to release a TV series based on these comics and while it will likely be awesome, it is pretty dang hard to top the awesomenes

Hello, Fall

Well, it has happened again.  We have burned through another summer and are entering a new autumn.  Are you drinking cider?  Plowing through endless pumpkin spice lattes?  Well, pour that maple syrup on those flapjacks.  Oh, and here is a book that you might want to consider reading while you watch the leaves change:

The Hundred-Year House Cover Image


Labor Day!

Well, we are in the middle of a long weekend and if you are not too bloated from all of that BBQ, we suggest stopping by and grabbing some reading material.  You know, because you have probably talked to your family a lot already and that would exhaust anyone.  If everyone has a book, you might just grab a little quiet time.  Sit in the woods, lie down on the beach, chill out on the porch, look mysterious at the bar...whatever you want!  Might I make a few suggestions?  I think you said "sure." 

Here you go!

1.  Granola Magazine


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