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Novel Kids Book Club

Novel Kids Book Club is a book club open to readers of all ages who are interested in reading and discussing middle grade novels. The books vary in reading level and interests, but most have characters ranging in ages between 8-14. Content of book choices and our discussion is considered to be comfortable to us (as parents and booksellers) for kids as young as third grade and as old as 14, who are interested in reading the books we choose. We always offer a free snack and the activities are meant to be fun and inclusive, regardless of how much of the book you have read.

Women's History Month

   Happy Women's History Month! March is one of my favorite months, because it celebrates some of the coolest people to ever live on this planet. The weather might not be the best this month, but there is a lot of learning to do. For me personally, Virginia Woolf might be the coolest lady to ever live, but she definitely has some stiff (pun intended-ish) competition.

    It's hard to narrow down the list of my favorite books by women, but I'm going to try! Here are a few favorites from several different categories that I love and recommend.


Graphic Novels


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