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Art Supply Care Packages

Bored at home? We've put together Art Supply Care Packages for kids and adults to help you get through self-isolation! Each pack contains enough for several hours of arts and crafts fun. We have limited quantities of each, so get your orders in quickly!

These packages are only available for Curbide Pick Up at this time.

SKU: Drawyourownwcomics

This pack comes with a blank comic book/pad and erasable markers for you to create your own adventures!

SKU: kidsdrawing

This pack comes with a how-to-draw book, a sketch pad, and colored pencils.

SKU: kids3dart

This package comes with an Create-your-own-erasers kit and three colors of Sculpey to make all your 3D art dreams come true.

This pack includes a Cozy Critter coloring book and set of colored pencils. 

SKU: kidsspace

This pack comes with an outer space coloring book and set of markers. 

SKU: paintbysticker

This pack contains an adult paint-by-sticker book, and a kids paint-by-sticker book, so you can create works of art together.

SKU: effthepandemic

For those adults who need to to both calm down and swear at the world situation, we have an adult, profanity filled coloring book, with some fancy markers. 

SKU: adultcoloring

This pack contains an adult coloring book and a set of colored pencils.

SKU: watercolor

This pack contains a pad of watercolor paper, 4 watercolor brushes, and a selection of 5 watercolor paints.

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